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Try Our Spring Cocktails at Game On

Game On spring cocktail

In Fenway, spring has sprung, and with that comes the refreshing feeling of new beginnings and, of course, a new cocktail menu at Game On! Nestled in the heart of Fenway, Game On is not just a sports bar; it's an experience. The perfect place to visit pre and post-game, it's now introducing its new lineup of spring-inspired cocktails. These unique concoctions promise to tantalize your taste buds and infuse your spring with a splash of something new! Follow along as we introduce some of Game On's newest house cocktails, and get ready for a fun-filled evening at Game On.

Texas Hold 'Em

Kick off your evening with our Texas Hold 'Em, a bold blend with a zesty twist. Mullholland Vodka sets the stage for this strawberry and peach medley, creating flavors that dance on your tongue. In addition to the zesty citrus twist, this cocktail is topped with bubbly Owen's Ginger Beer that will leave you feeling lucky and refreshed before the big game.

I Deserve A Drink

After a long Boston winter, you certainly deserve a drink and this one's ideal for a classic bourbon lover who needs a springtime twist. With its mellow bourbon and notes of cantaloupe, this cocktail is perfect for cheering for the warmer days ahead.

Cool As A Cucumber

Embrace the cool evenings in Fenway with Cool As A Cucumber! Hendricks Gin elegantly combines the elderflower and citrus flavors, making it a refreshing cocktail to start with before a Red Sox game. Allow the crispness of Cool As A Cucumber to keep you cool during those stressful moments throughout any game!

You Got Ghosted

Turn up the heat this spring with You Got Ghosted, a cocktail that's as fiery as its name. Ghost Tequila brings a kick, but the sweetness of watermelon and orange liqueur softens this spirited drink to a cocktail you can enjoy!

Pear Martini

The Pear Martini at Game On's new spring cocktail menu takes the crown as it's served in style. Pear vodka and ginger mix while this martini is topped with the enthusiasm of bubbly prosecco. This is a sophisticated choice to end your evening in Fenway and celebrate the Red Sox rolling off a big win.

Truly Summertime

Leap into the essence of summer with Truly Summertime. With Truly Lemonade Vodka and Aperol, this cocktail will transport you into a nostalgic state. Ensure you choose a cocktail like Truly Summertime to capture the laughter and joy a visit to Game On provides.

Visit Game on This Spring & Indulge in Our New Cocktails

Game On's new spring cocktail menu is more than just a list of drinks; it's a celebration of another baseball season and warmer weather on the horizon! Our bartenders ensure each cocktail is crafted with care and designed to bring people together and create memories that will last a lifetime. So, if you find yourself in Fenway this spring, stop by Game On and try our new spring cocktail menu! Reserve a table for your group through our website or by calling our team at (617) 351-7001!