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The Origin of the Panini


Sandwiches are delicious for every occasion. So what beats a sandwich? A panini, of course! So, how can a panini take a sandwich to the next level with the right equipment? Let’s dive into the history of the panini and how it got its rise to fame.

History of the Panini

The history of Panini originated in Italy as a lunchtime meal for workers. In Italy, the classic filling combination included their delicious mozzarella, tomato, and prosciutto with arugula. You would not see the use of more than one meat or too many ingredients in an Italian panini. In America, we enjoy blending multiple types of meat and ingredients to make our own inventions. So, how did we move away from Italian tradition? In the 1950s, the panini took its debut in the United States. In the 1980s, young patrons of sandwich bars were called paninaro. This group was known for its fashion trends and for using goods as status symbols. The Panini will often have a variety of fillings that chefs may serve between two slices of either focaccia or ciabatta bread. Classic recipes may include savory fillings such as sausages or cold cuts, cheeses, herbs, and fresh or roasted vegetables.   

Difference Between a Sandwich and a Panini

 It’s easy to assume that a sandwich and a panini are the same things. A sandwich, in its basic form, includes slices of meat, cheese, and condiments. Using the bread and similar ingredients makes the panini stand out is the signature smashed presentation and sometimes grill marks. While a panini is considered a sandwich, not all sandwiches are paninis. The presentation and heated bread and meat fall into their own category of sandwiches.

Today’s Famous Panini

We have come a long way from the first sandwich press created by Thomas Edison in the 1920s. Home cooks and restaurants take center stage today as they produce the most magnificent creations. They are elevating everyday recipes into a panini, making this sandwich perfect for any meal. The culinary creativity that comes with the panini and press have created well-known staples like chicken and pesto panini on ciabatta bread.

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